Current Partners

Jean-Pierre Burzynski, Director of the Process Business Unit - IFPEN

The Anellotech alliance network grew out of the common desire of the partners to develop and commercialize technology that enables the production of cost-competitive renewable aromatics. Aromatics are core chemicals that form the foundation for chemical intermediates and derivatives essential for the production of key everyday consumer goods such as beverage bottles, clothing, footwear, carpeting, automotive and electronic components, and more. The alliance partners also value the Bio-TCat route to renewable aromatics for fuel applications, with their high octane and non-oxygenated properties that could be used as the gasoline blendstock biofuel to fulfill renewable fuels initiatives. Commercially, Anellotech’s development partners’ involvement is driven by future licensing and engineering services revenues and catalyst sales to licensees. Our operating company partners are motivated by obtaining early access to cost competitive bio-aromatics. This ensures a results-driven end-to-end collaboration with a focus on technical and process economic success

Development Partners

Anellotech’s core business strategy is designed to fully leverage the profound benefits of strong strategic partnerships to develop commercially successful process technology. To complement our 20+ person in-house R&D team including experts in biomass, catalysis and fluid bed reactor technology, we have sought to collaborate with world-class partners. This combined team enjoys a highly collaborative, deep and long-term relationship that leverages an extensive array of experience and expertise. Anellotech is proud of the firms that have chosen to partner with us and are convinced that their support and expertise help differentiate Anellotech in the marketplace.

Anellotech’s existing partners are industry leaders in process development, catalysis, engineering design, and licensing, and work closely with Anellotech to drive cost-competitiveness and accelerate development. This extended Anellotech team includes:

  • Johnson Matthey, a global specialty chemicals company that offers products for a diverse range of industries and who is a major catalyst supplier to the Process Industries, will co-develop and provide catalysts for the development program and will manufacture catalysts for commercial use;
  • IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN), the French public research entity, will collaborate with Anellotech throughout the process development program. In addition to extensive activities at its R&D center in Lyon, France, IFPEN will dedicate three full-time senior engineers and technical experts to work at Anellotech’s U.S. location for two years, beginning in 2016. Anellotech’s highly collaborative program leverages IFPEN’s specific expertise in catalytic reactor modeling, catalyst regenerator design and aromatics processing to provide additional depth and breadth of experience to the Bio-TCat development program.
  • Axens, an international provider of licensed advanced technologies, catalysts, adsorbents and services to the hydrocarbon processing industry (45% of all refineries in the world have at least one Axens technology license).Axens has a global reputation for basic engineering design excellence, and technology licensing leadership in the production of aromatics, is our partner for commercialization and global licensing, and will provide basic engineering design, start-up and technical support for licensees.

These high-caliber, results-oriented partnerships provide the critical mass of expertise and market presence for the successful commercial licensing of the Bio-TCat process.

Operating Company Partners

Industry-leading strategic partners in the BTX supply chain also have invested in Anellotech, including:

  • Suntory Holdings Limited is one of the world’s leading consumer beverage companies. Its diverse market-leading beverage brands include Orangina, Schweppes, Ribena, Lucozade and BRAND’S, as well as major alcohol brands, Yamazaki, Hibiki, Jim Beam, Courvoisier, and Château Lagrange., Suntory has partnered with Anellotech to advance the development and commercialization of cost-competitive bio-aromatics, including bio-paraxylene, the key component needed to make 100 percent bio-based PET beverage bottles. Suntory currently uses 30 percent plant-derived PET for their Suntory Tennensui brand of mineral water and is pursuing the development of a 100 percent bio-bottle through this partnership. The Anellotech relationship, an example of Suntory’s commitment to sustainable business practices, began in 2012 under a collaboration agreement that has provided more than $15 million in funding to date.
  • Toyota Tsusho Corporation is the Toyota Group's general trading company that develops diversified businesses through more than 990 consolidated companies in Japan and overseas and with customers around the world, via a global network covering Japan and more than 90 countries worldwide. The Company organized its business under six operating divisions: Metals, Global Parts & Logistics, Automotive, Machinery, Energy & Project, Chemicals & Electronics, Food & Consumer Services. Though different in the products and services they provide, these divisions share the same goal of creating and delivering diverse value by developing unique functions from a dedicated customer-oriented approach in both domestic and overseas markets. With various activities, the group provides products and services in a broad range of business domains that are essential to achieving the creation of a prosperous and fulfilling society. Toyota Tsusho Corporation is listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange as well as in the Nagoya Stock Exchange. 



The following schematic depicts how our existing partnerships complement Anellotech and provide insight across the BTX supply chain to drive integrated development and process cost-competitiveness.

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